Meta Employees Demoralized by Layoffs! Productivity Falls Off

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Mark Zuckerberg’s ambitious “year of efficiency” campaign has reportedly not begun as expected at Meta, Facebook’s parent company. Morale among employees is said to be very low due to the announced cost-cutting measures and looming layoffs that have been implemented.

“Zero Work” Is Being Done in Meta

In recent weeks, anxiety has taken hold at Meta’s Menlo Park headquarters due to postponed budget authorizations from senior management. This disruption in the standard workflow is causing much distress among managers and employees alike, as one stated to Financial Times that “it’s still a mess.” Frustration mounts further with people receiving paychecks while being unable to complete their tasks – this indicates an unfortunate start of what was supposed to be a year of productivity for everyone within the firm.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg’s proclamation of downsizing his company, Meta, sparked positive reactions from investors on Wall Street. However, this transformation has left many employees perplexed and disgruntled due to low productivity. According to staff members that spoke with the Financial Times (FT), ongoing initiatives such as those in advertising or metaverse are taking weeks or months for approval when they typically only took days before – leaving “zero work” accomplished by these teams in between.

meta employees demoralized by layoffs! productivity falls off

Meta Has Been Having Difficulties For A Long Time

Last November, Meta took the heart-wrenching step of cutting 13% of its 87,000-strong global workforce – a total of 11,000 people were let go. The tech giant has been suffering from dips in revenue and losses incurred by the metaverse investments that have cost them billions and an increase in competition for Gen Z users courtesy of social media newcomer TikTok. Unsurprisingly, this resulted consequentially in Meta’s stock plummeting 70%.

Last week, Zuckerberg informed analysts on an earnings call that Meta would be making changes to their organizational structure to expedite decision-making. He also mentioned the trying macroeconomic environment that has caused thousands of layoffs from other tech companies such as Google, Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, and Salesforce. According to him, “We’re working on flattening our org structure and removing some layers in middle management.”

The boss issued a warning that Meta will be taking a stronger stance for discarding lower-producing projects. Zuckerberg also decreed to the organization’s mid-level managers to spend less time supervising staff and more energy increasing their own productivity — or else risk having no job whatsoever.

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