Crypto Donations Made for Turkey’s Earthquake Disaster Surpassed 120 Million TL

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Two powerful earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6 near Kahramanmaraş shook Turkey to its core with disastrous consequences to not only human life but also the social, economical, and political atmosphere. Thousands of structures were destroyed and more than 24,000 people died in the catastrophe after the consecutive earthquakes hit. Following the catastrophe, the whole nation united to provide help and requested and welcomed foreign aid also. Several national and foreign individuals and groups -whether they be voluntary or institutional- launched relief efforts throughout the most affected regions of Turkey. Significant contributions and both material and monetary crypto donations were made, in particular, to Kızılay, AFAD, and AHBAP.

AHBAP is Receiving Crypto Donations After Opening up a Wallet

Haluk Levent, the creator of AHBAP, was asked by the crypto community to create a wallet where donations could be sent. Tens of thousands of individuals started donating cryptocurrencies as a relief effort and aid for Turkish citizens after Haluk Levent’s Twitter vote for launching a contribution wallet.

Many more organizations launched cryptocurrency contribution accounts in a similar manner after the AHBAP took action toward opening a crypto wallet. Currently, there are several networks where people may send various cryptocurrencies to aid earthquake victims.

ahbap is receiving crypto donations after opening up a wallet

Total Donations Exceed 120 million TL

Crypto donations now total more than 120 million TL and they seem to grow even more with each passing day and even hour. While the amount of cryptocurrency donations given to the AHBAP Foundation exceeds 80 million Turkish Liras, the number of donations made to the BtcTurk and Paribu stock exchanges as well as the assistance provided by the exchanges sum up to more than 120 million TL and counting. These helps from various individuals and organizations could help a great portion of people that were affected by the disaster.

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