Interesting Statement from Little Shapes Founder: “It Was a Social Experiment”

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Atto, the anonymous creator of Little Shapes NFT, has divulged that this project was actually a “social experiment” aimed at exposing massive bot scams within the realm of nonfungible token (NFT) trafficking on Twitter.

Since the end of December 2022, Little Shapes has been gaining a lot of notice from individual investors and media outlets due to some eye-catching tweets that revealed unbelievable stories. These tales included emerging from a five-month coma with assets suddenly locked on FTX, informing his wife about it only for her to uncover she had been unfaithful in the NFT industry. It all seemed too astonishing to be true – yet here we are!

On Feb 2nd, the Little Shapes NFT account tweeted to its 30.8k followers about an elaborate social experiment they conducted with @BALLZNFT and accompanied their thread with a link to a 158-page document.

“It Was a Social Experiment to Expose the Corruption in the Little Shapes NFT Industry”

Little Shapes NFT unveiled a stunning exposé that revealed how a network of influencers and founders squandered more than $200 million across 274 projects. According to Little Shapes NFT, this scheme was executed by one large Twitter botnet, which arrived in early 2022 and collaborated with other powerful influencers and alpha groups to promote their dubious sales pitches.

An insightful document has recently been released discussing the “insider NFT bot network” that’s been manipulating and controlling the market without being seen since February 2022. The report uncovers how many small-scale NFT projects have employed bots to generate buzz, all with the aim of duping investors into investing their money in these projects.

it was a social experiment to expose the corruption in the little shapes nft industry

People Disappeared When Projects Reached Sufficient Popularity

With projects drawing in financiers with hyped-up excitement, they are often “taken advantage of or duped,” according to Atto. He further stated that it is saddening to be in a sphere where everything is based on bogus social standing and false Twitter engagement instead of actuality. Through these shady tactics, those behind the project easily make millions within just a few months time frame.

Little Shapes was previously depicted as an upcoming avatar-style project with 4,444 NFTs that utilized a specific software “engine” to enable owners to interact and change the form of their token’s associated artwork in real-time.

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