Diana Ember

The thesis I wrote in my last year of university was on future currencies, but it was a very new field for me as the blockchain and crypto world were not that mature yet. Today, I find myself writing on these topics in various news channels, and I can say that I have fulfilled my dreams of university.
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3 Million Dollars Worth Of Crypto Theft In Turkey: Many People Were Arrested

19 of the suspects in the İzmir-based 'Wallet Operation,' which took residents'

Who Is Gabe Bankman-Fried?

Gabe Bankman-Fried, an ex-Democratic congressional staffer and creator/former head of Guarding Against

Gold Price To Be Set In March

Predictions that major central banks will raise interest rates more aggressively are

US House Of Representatives Calls For Action Against China

The U.S. House of Representatives has convened for a session to discuss

Illuvium DAO Aborts NFT-Pack Opening With 3AC Because Of The Accusations Involving The Latter Party

After thwarting a planned NFT pack-opening ceremony between Illuvium  and Three Arrows Capital

Iran’s Rial Loses Value: Lowest Values in a Long Time

Iran is currency, Rial, hit a historic low against the U.S. dollar

An Introduction to Kadena Coin: What You Need to Know

Kadena Coin is a cryptocurrency gaining popularity among investors in recent years.

Ryan Wyatt Is Highly Hopeful of Web3 and Crypto

Ryan Wyatt, the former head of YouTube Gaming, recently made a significant

Unlocking the Potential of DYDX Exchange and DYDX Token: Everything You Need to Know!

DYDX (dYdX) is the governance token for the Layer 2 protocol of

Asian Stocks Turbulent Ahead of US Inflation Data

On Monday, many Asian markets plummeted as they awaited U.S. inflation data