Hamilton Lane and Securitize Partnership on Polygon

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Hamilton Lane (HLNE), a prestigious investment-management firm managing and supervising over $824 billion in assets, has recently launched the first of three tokenized funds through Polygon to grant more investors access to private markets. This was done through a strategic partnership with digital-assets securities company Securitize that was declared back in October.

A Development That Will Make Reaching New Opportunities Easier

Hamilton Lane, a Pennsylvania-based corporation, has announced that their Equity Opportunities Fund V recently closed with $2.1 billion in investor commitments and is making some of the capital available to individual investors through the Polygon blockchain via an asset-backed tokenized feeder fund on Securitize. This investment option offers unparalleled diversity in unique opportunities at an extremely efficient rate. Hamilton Lane stated, “The fund provides diversified exposure to ambitious and differentiated deals with highly competitive fees.”

With the modernized, tokenized feeder fund model, investors have a much more accessible option to gain exposure to larger funds that they may not otherwise be able to access. The traditional feeder fund required an initial investment of at least $5 million; however, with the new version, this requirement plummets down significantly – all you need is just $20 thousand!

hamilton lane and securitize partnership on polygon

Hamilton Lane Partnership Critical to the Legitimacy of Cryptos and the Democratisation of Private Capital

Carlos Domingo, the co-founder and CEO of Securitize, expressed his enthusiasm in a statement declaring that Hamilton Lane‘s tokenized fund is an immense stride towards democratizing private markets. It will provide more people access to historically profitable private equity resources through reduced investment barriers. Additionally, it will be a big step in legitimizing and popularizing cryptocurrencies.

“For the past two decades, private equity has significantly exceeded the S&P 500 by a staggering 70%, yet it’s been reaped mostly by major entities such as sovereign wealth funds and university endowments. However, individual investors now can benefit from these returns as well,” he continued.

In the coming months, Hamilton Lane proudly unveils two new feeder funds that will expose investors to private credit and secondary transactions.

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