These New Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines Offer Cost Advantage

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Countries that are near the coast have been investing in floating wind turbines, and now Swedish wind turbine manufacturer SeaTwirl has declared they will be testing their vertical axis turbines in Norway. Offshore wind energy is a crucial energy source for many countries worldwide; hence, it’s essential to continue developing this technology.

New Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines Will Reduce Cost

SeaTwirl’s S2X vertical axis offshore turbines have been approved for testing along the Norwegian coast. Currently, they are only in prototype form and generate 1 MW of power; however, these numbers will be higher with future updates. What stands out, though, is their affordability – making them a cost-effective choice!

Compared to conventional wind turbines, SeaTwirl S2X offers a much simpler design that boasts minimal maintenance costs and fewer moving parts. This means the turbine can generate more sustained working hours with maximum efficiency. The potential of these sea-based vertical-axis turbines is endless; they are perfect for applications in wind farms, islands, and fish farms where their large-scale construction capabilities offer higher structural limits than traditional horizontal axis models.

these new vertical-axis wind turbines offer cost advantage

Trials of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine SeaTwirl S2X Started in Norway

Situated at 55 meters above sea level and with an impressive diameter of 50 meters, the prototype S2X turbine is remarkably close to the optimal working depth of 100 or more meters. Consequently, not only does this eliminate any additional financial burden associated with deep-water maintenance, but it also simplifies operational procedures for maximum efficiency!

Last March, Norway‘s energy ministry granted SeaTwirl and Marin Energi Testsenter a five-year permission to test their turbine at the site of an old fish farm located 700m off Bokn in Rogaland. The project was halted when four organizations appealed against the concession, namely, the Norwegian Fishermen’s Association, Norwegian Environmental Protection Association, and campaign groups Laupland Hyttemårde and Motvind Sørvest. But yesterday, SeaTwirl announced that after careful review by Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, these appeals had been denied – thus clearing the way for this trial to proceed as intended!

Source: SeaTwirl, with a hat tip to the consistently excellent Recharge News

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