Emergency Donation for Turkey! Deepcoin Launches Location-Based Bonus Distribution

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Over the past 48 hours, Deepcoin has been actively working on a feature to distribute bonuses based on geographic location in response to the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6th. 

One Million Lira Emergency Donation to Gaziantep Region in Turkey

The exchange has pledged to donate 1,000 lira worth of USDT tokens to 1,000 victims in the hard-hit Gaziantep region. New and existing users within the designated disaster area will receive these funds and can immediately withdraw to purchase essential items. 

Moreover, on the day of the earthquake from Istanbul, a team of Deepcoin employees with experience in disaster relief arrived at the disaster site to provide assistance and assistance in the relief efforts.  

emergency donation for turkey! deepcoin launches location-based bonus distribution

“…challenge that transcends borders for all of humanity.”

Deepcoin CEO, Ego Huang, stated, “The earthquake disaster in Turkey is deeply saddening and it is a common challenge that transcends borders for all of humanity. There are many affected areas that require collective efforts from society. We aim to make a small, yet meaningful contribution by providing assistance funds, which is why we have urgently developed this location function. By eliminating intermediary links and directly assisting 1000 local disaster victims in the severely impacted Gaziantep region, we aim to make our help as precise as possible. This is just the beginning, and we are exploring more ways to offer aid. We hope that more professionals and members in the cryptocurrency community will join us in the relief effort and help disaster victims in additional areas.”

Deepcoin remains committed to supporting other organizations and individuals who wish to make simple, accurate donations directly to individuals in the affected areas. The exchange has provided her two blockchain addresses below, and all funds received will be used entirely to help the Turkish people in need. Deepcoin will also make detailed disclosures on its official channels about the use of each donation.  

BTC:  17HK7qha94QAXRcxiHwYBZkMpPF7fQ7rKz

ETH:  ERC20 0xcB524BeC30801C136ad49261CfCB52b2B3D3BF61

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