The International Cryptocurrency Community Commits to Providing Assistance to Turkey After Devastating Earthquakes

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The global cryptocurrency industry has pledged to offer aid to Turkey following two devastating earthquakes that have claimed over 5,434 lives. 

Local and foreign crypto exchanges, such as Binance, Bitfinex, and, have expressed their willingness to provide support in the form of digital assets. Some exchanges, such as Bitget and Huobi Global, have already pledged large sums of money. 

The crypto community is known for its swift response to humanitarian crises, with millions of dollars donated to countries in need, such as Ukraine during the Russian invasion and India during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Charities Don’t Have Cryptocurrency Accounts!

Making crypto donations can be more complicated than traditional methods, as digital assets are only sometimes fully regulated in different countries. Many people are asking if their fundraising bank accounts support cryptocurrency. There are those who take advantage of this and try to steal the money. Please make sure that the accounts to which you will send money are euro or dollar accounts and make your donations to those accounts.

the international cryptocurrency community commits to providing assistance to turkey after devastating earthquakes

Petition is Started

In Turkey, a petition has been created by the blockchain industry and research organizations, requesting the government to allow crypto-based donations and to establish official crypto asset wallets. There are concerns about untrustworthy fundraising efforts appearing on platforms such as Telegram. It is still being determined if the aid will extend to Syria, a nation facing economic sanctions from major powers.

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