Which Altcoins Created the Golden Cross? Here are the Predictions!

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Tony, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst known as The Bull, has recently pointed out the formation of a ‘golden cross’ in Bitcoin and two other alternative coins . Based on his analysis he predicts that BTC and these altcoins are on the verge of experiencing a significant surge in value , potentially leading to an explosive rally in the near future!

‘Golden Cross’ is giving bullish signals for BTC and these altcoins!  

     The dominance of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a notable decline, while altcoins are gaining traction . According to recent data from crypto price oracles, Bitcoin’s dominance has decreased by approximately 4.3 percent in recent days , resulting in a decrease to around 49.81 percent. Consequently, there are indications of potential weakness in Bitcoin’s price for the upcoming days. Conversely there has been a redirection of crypto cash flow towards the altcoin market . In particular, mid-range altcoins such as XLM and Chainlink (LINK) have witnessed substantial gains over the past two days .

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which altcoins created the golden cross? here are the predictions! 66
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     In the midst of conflicting signals within the cryptocurrency market, there is a prevailing optimistic sentiment . One notable development on the horizon is the potential occurrence of a historic event known as a simultaneous 3-day ‘golden cross’ among Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. This unique phenomenon involves the convergence of their 50 and 200 Moving Averages .

    While each digital asset has previously witnessed individual instances of this ‘golden cross’, its synchronic happening now could signify an overall positive Outlook . Historical data suggests that past occurrences of such 3-day ‘golden crosses’ have often led to improved market conditions. Notably , it instilled hope for future prospects following the bearish period in 2022 without violating any plagiarism concerns from the original paragraph .

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which altcoins created the golden cross? here are the predictions! 68

Basic support and institutional interest

     The recent SEC vs Ripple lawsuit has provided a boost to confidence regarding the potential growth of the cryptocurrency market . This legal case has generated positive expectations for the future of the digital asset industry . Moreover an increasing number of institutional investors worldwide have incorporated Bitcoin and other prominent cryptocurrencies into their portfolios, reinforcing the market’s capacity for expansion.

Key metrics for Bitcoin from IntoTheBlock

     Bitcoin’s price dipped below the critical $30,000 support level, triggering apprehension among traders and investors. IntoTheBlock , a prominent provider of blockchain data , highlighted essential indicators to monitor for BTC. According to IntoTheBlock’s analysis, despite the decline, around 68.96% of Bitcoin holders remain in a profitable state—a unique situation compared to numerous struggling altcoins in the market.    

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  The price of Bitcoin experienced a drop below the crucial support level of $30,000, causing concern among traders and investors . IntoTheBlock, a well-known provider of blockchain data, has identified key indicators to watch for BTC. As per IntoTheBlock’s analysis , despite this decline, approximately 68.96% of Bitcoin holders are still in a profitable position—a distinct scenario compared to several struggling alternative coins present in the market . BTC has witnessed a decrease of more than 7% over the previous fortnight . Experts speculate that such capitulation might lead to increased selling pressure going forward.

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