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BLUR is the local governance token of the Blur universe. As NFTs are traded within this ecosystem, it stands out as a feature-rich aggregation platform. Blur claims to offer faster NFT analytics and a more user-friendly interface than its competitors.

Why Is BLUR Preferred?

NFT traders prefer to trade with Blur. The main reason is likely incentives, such as the recent launch of 355 million BLUR tokens, worth about $360 million at the time of writing. 

Who Founded?

The creators and founders of BLUR use only pseudonyms. Zeneca, founder and developer of Pacman Web3, director of ZenAcademy, and creator of The 333 Club, is the founder of Blur.

After Blur, names like MIT, Citadel, Five Rings Capital, Twitch, Brex, Square and Y Combinator come into play.

What Does The Airdrop Consist Of?

Blur’s airdrop series included Care Packs with BLUR tokens. Care Packs with four different rarity levels were sent to beta testers six months before Blur’s launch in October 2022. The third shipment was targeted to stores that bid on Blur before February 14, 2023.

the new player in the nft world information about blur

The February 14, 2023 airdrop was a major global event and Blur’s price exceeded $5 and dropped below $1 within 24 hours, with many buyers selling quickly.

What Are The General Characteristics Of Blur?

Blur aims to succeed where other platforms have failed, especially in the much-discussed category of NFT creative rights. Blur incentivizes creators by offering additional BLUR tokens as an incentive for copyright payers, and aims to ensure a fair balance between artists and distributors.

The secondary market does not offer the same level of copyright support as OpenSea. However, in February 2023, it was announced that any collection blocking sales on OpenSea could receive full royalties from Blur.

While Blur is designed for experienced dealers, newcomers to the NFT market who struggle with the platform can benefit from its various features.

Why Is BLur A Different Market?

Blur is different from other NFT markets because it offers a variety of tools that can enhance the NFT trading experience and help traders maximize their profits. The platform reportedly offers faster NFT screening and snipe, real-time price feeds and sorting by price. X2Y2 connects to OpenSea and LooksRare as aggregators (LOOK).

Importantly, the platform does not charge transaction fees for selling NFTs, and dealers can review their digital assets through Blur’s portfolio tab, which includes information such as rarity, value and P&L.

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