Rolls-Royce Shows First Nuclear Reactor to Power Bases on the Moon

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Last week, NASA made a noteworthy announcement regarding the completion of a pivotal alliance. This partnership involves executing nuclear engine tests for space expeditions to Mars, presently in progress and planned in the future with DARPA, an agency that develops modernized technologies for US military procedures.

The initial infrastructure established for nuclear testing was essential to the progress of space exploration. Moreover, it received a major boost from Rolls-Royce. The company just released an incredible image of their proposed reactor that will power any future lunar bases.

Rolls-Royce Brings Its Experience in Aircraft and Rocket Engines to Reactors

Although Rolls-Royce is commonly known for its aircraft and rocket engines, many may not be aware that the company has been designing a small modular nuclear reactor since 2015. This impressive feat demonstrates the innovation and ingenuity of this well-respected manufacturer as it continues to push boundaries in numerous fields.

The company introduced the groundbreaking Rolls-Royce Micro-Reactor on Twitter. This revolutionary reactor is designed to incorporate a highly secure and robust fuel form that keeps each uranium particle safely encapsulated in multiple protective layers, making it strong enough to remain intact even under extreme conditions. As shared by Rolls-Royce on Twitter: “A Rolls-Royce Micro-Reactor is designed to use an inherently safe and extremely robust fuel form.”

rolls-royce shows first nuclear reactor to power bases on the moon

Rolls-Royce Aims To The Moon And Beyond

Jake Thompson, Head of Innovation Products and Services at Rolls-Royce, declared that their nuclear expertise is being utilized to engineer small nuclear reactors for powering bases on the moon or Mars. These miniature power plants will ensure a dependable and clean energy supply for astronauts exploring these extraterrestrial places.

Rolls-Royce isn’t merely stopping at moonbases; they have teamed up with the UK Space Agency to investigate how atomic energy can be used in other branches of space research. Science Minister Amanda Solloway stated, “Nuclear power holds tremendous potential for space exploration, and this progressive venture between Rolls-Royce can send our next generation’s astronauts into space quicker and longer than ever before – dramatically augmenting our understanding of outer space!”

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