Partouche Multiverse Introduces Its Joker Club NFTs Into Web3

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The famed Groupe Partouche division, known for its several casinos, Partouche Multiverse, introduces the Joker Club, a group of 8,888 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) providing entertainment. These NFTs offer a connection between the real and virtual worlds, as well as benefits inside Partouche businesses and a Web3-style sense of community. You can learn all there is to know about Joker Club NFTs here.

Group Partouche Takes its Place in Various Fields

Groupe Partouche, one of the current leaders in the leisure industry in Europe, has introduced Joker Club, its first offering of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The majority of Groupe Partouche‘s business, which includes 42 casinos, is located in France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Tunisia. This year marks the company’s 50th anniversary. Groupe Partouche has been able to extend its operations and currently offers hotels, restaurants, golf courses, spas, and beaches. This expansion has led to the company becoming a major leisure player in France.

But, with a collection of 8,888 NFTs with distinctive qualities, the firm hopes to put entertainment front through its subsidiary, Web3 Partouche Multiverse.

partouche multiverse introduces its joker club nfts into web3

Joker Club is Privileged

This collection, which will eventually play a major role in the Groupe Partouche loyalty program, comes with a lot of benefits, including discounts at various group businesses as well as special offers and freebies. Each NFT is a meticulously designed Joker created by the group’s artistic staff over the course of eight months, serving as the foundation for the creation of a collection that stands out in the enormous NFT ecosystem.

An iconography merging casino, Pop art, gaming, and a little bit of punk attitude is the product of the cooperation of 8 profiles of dedicated artists who are developing in the fields of 3D art, illustration, and design. Furthermore, take notice that the usage of an NFT Joker, whether for private, professional or even marketing objectives, shall be entirely at the discretion of the holders. Moreover, the Joker Club will, if feasible, promote communication for this goal while also making use of its distribution network to help its community.

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