Neal Mohan, A Web3 Supporter, Is Now The CEO Of YouTube

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After nine years as CEO of YouTube, Wojcicki stepped down on February 16th and announced plans her plans regarding focusing on her family, health, and independent work. She managed, among other things, the essential adoption of the revenue-sharing concept during her time in office. As Susan Wojcicki left this week, Google-owned YouTube selected Web3-friendly executive Neal Mohan as its new CEO. 

Neal Mohan, the new CEO of YouTube, has previously underlined that NFTs may be a crucial tool for platform content providers to create new revenue streams. Against many adverse comments from the community on the web, Mohan revealed his ideas for integrating a variety of aspects into Web3 in February 2022, including content tokenization using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse-based content experiences.

neal mohan seems like he will fasten the process

Neal Mohan Seems Like He will Fasten the Process

While Mohan was Chief Product Officer at YouTube before being named the new CEO, he supervised the controversial removal of the YouTube dislike button as well as the launch of YouTube Shorts to contend with TikTok and other platforms.

Mohan underlined that NFTs might give creators a fresh method to interact with their audience and create new revenue streams. He gave the example of how producers may tokenize their experiences, images, films, and works of art.

Moreover, Web3 provides new chances for developers. Emerging technologies like blockchain and NFTs can help creators establish more meaningful connections with their audience. The community might be able to work on brand-new initiatives and generate income in ways that weren’t previously feasible.

Plans for Web3 have not yet been implemented, even though they were supposed to be announced last year. But, given that Mohan is now in charge of the firm, they may receive another push soon.

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