Microsoft’s Acquisition Approval and Real Digital: A Look into the Future of Technology and Finance

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Microsoft has taken a significant step towards completing one of the largest technological purchases in history with Activision Blizzard . California Federal Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley has given the company the green light to proceed with the acquisition . Microsoft has made commitments and deals with competitors such as ensuring that Call of Duty remains available on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles for the next decade.

Repercussions in the United Kingdom and the Response of Authorities

In the UK where the union has not yet been approved the news of Microsoft’s acquisition clearance caused a fuss. To resolve any worries about competition the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has said that it is open to take fresh suggestions from Microsoft into consideration . According to spokesperson Douglas Farrar the FTC is currently determining what action to take and sees the combination as an obvious danger to the existence of unrestricted competition in the console, subscription and cloud gaming markets.

Microsoft’s Participation in Tokenization and DLT Initiatives

Microsoft’s involvement in innovative projects like this one extends beyond acquisitions and mergers. The company has participated in associations with Caixa, Elo and various other entities to contribute to the tokenization of assets and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). These initiatives aim to support the digital transformation of the financial ecosystem in Brazil and offer a secure and confidential means of payment . A strategist and innovation specialist at Microsoft João Aragão Pereira highlights the importance of financial education and gradual digital inclusion in the adoption of Real Digital.

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Real Digital and the Transformation of Payments

Real Digital is expected to be available from 2025 . It will provide consumers with a new option for making payments without physical currency. The digital currency will be monitored by the regulator the Central Bank (BC) and generated by banks and Payment Institutions (IPs). The inclusion of Real Digital is aimed at reducing friction in transactions and lowering costs along with ensuring transparency and traceability using blockchain and smart contracts . The potential of Real Digital extends beyond domestic use as it may assist in cross-border payments.

Challenges and the Need for Regulation

João Aragão Pereira put emphasis on the importance of regulation and addresses concerns about unbanked individuals entering the regulated tokenized economy. He highlights the need to balance security, user experience and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements to prevent money laundering . Microsoft’s research team is exploring future-proof security measures including the application of algorithms confirmed by international bodies.

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