Is There Really A Secret Whitepaper Of Bitcoin In MacOS?

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When the enigmatic Bitcoin founder would have celebrated his 48th birthday, new revelations were made about this cryptocurrency. An intriguing finding is revealed by a technology blogger. Andy Baio may have discovered a Bitcoin whitepaper. This is a hidden PDF version of macOS systems, the 2018 Mojave version.

Many years after its inception, the mystery surrounding Bitcoin’s inventor remains. The technology blogger starts researching to try to solve the enigma. He just uncovered a crucial discovery: the presence of a Bitcoin whitepaper in PDF format on Apple’s macOS. It is, in fact, a replica of Satoshi Nakatamo’s seminal whitepaper.

is there really a secret whitepaper of bitcoin in macos 2

Was This Bitcoin Whitepaper Included in MacOS on Purpose?

According to a U Today report, this priceless asset was going to be included in macOS computers beginning with the 2018 Mojave edition. Versions range from Mojave to Ventura. Just open a terminal on your Computer and type the appropriate command to access this Bitcoin whitepaper. It is also feasible to browse the Finder’s System folder.

Faced with such a predicament, many people question what Apple‘s true objective was for discreetly inserting such a whitepaper in its system. Is this on purpose? As a cryptocurrency owner, Apple CEO Tim Cook wonders if the decision to conceal a Bitcoin whitepaper was purposeful or not. If it had been done on purpose, what would have motivated Apple to react in this manner?

It is also conceivable (though improbable) that Apple did not include this document in their macOS system. It would just be a mistake. In any event, Apple has yet to give an explanation for the presence of this whitepaper in macOS systems.

In a manner, Apple paid homage to Satoshi. This technological behemoth would have contributed to Bitcoin‘s popularity in its own right. Yet, the true rationale for inclusion is still unknown.

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