IguVerse (IGU) Coin Overview and Weekly Technical Review:

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This article centers around a thorough assessment of IGU coin’s technical and fundamental attributes using data obtained from www.coinmarketcap.com . Our report aims to address vital inquiries regarding the projects associated with the cryptocurrency ; determining significant factors affecting its market value ; reviewing which are reliable exchanges for trading it  ; identifying traded currency pairs ; exploring assorted key metrics that demonstrate critical aspects of performance such as highest low price values attained among other essential economic indicators. We will also provide regular weekly graphical or technical analyses aimed at assisting potential investors evaluate feasible investment risks areas while identifying prospective profits..

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What is IguVerse (IGU) Coin?

IguVerse (IGU) is a cryptocurrency and the native coin of the Iguana platform, which is an all-in-one decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem . 

The Iguana platform offers various DeFi services such as staking, yield farming, liquidity provision, and cross-chain interoperability between different blockchain networks. The IGU coin plays a vital role in this ecosystem by serving as a means of payment for transaction fees on the network and for participating in its DeFi services.

One of the unique features offered by Iguana is its “Proof-of-Burn” consensus mechanism called “Komodo Burning”. This allows users to burn their Komodo coins (KMD), another cryptocurrency developed by the same team behind Iguana, in exchange for IGU rewards . 

IGU can be traded on several popular cryptocurrency exchanges where it can be bought or sold against other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies .



IguVerse (IGU) coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Iguana platform, which offers a wide range of decentralized finance (DeFi) services. Some of the key projects and features that are currently being developed or planned for Iguana include:

1Decentralized exchange (DEX):The Iguana DEX will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies without relying on centralized exchanges.

2.Liquidity provision: Users can provide liquidity to various pools in exchange for rewards in IGU tokens .

3. Staking: Holders of IGU coins can stake their tokens to earn additional rewards while helping secure the network .

4. Yield farming: Similar to liquidity provision, yield farming allows users to earn rewards by providing liquidity or staking their tokens in specific pools .

5. Cross-chain interoperability:One of the primary goals of Iguana is to enable cross-chain communication between different blockchain networks, allowing users to move assets seamlessly across multiple platforms .

6Smart contracts: The development team behind Iguana is working on implementing smart contract functionality into their platform, allowing developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) using IGU as a means of payment for transactions fees and other services .

These are just some examples of what’s possible with IguVerse (IGU). As more projects and features are added over time, it’s likely that new use cases for IGU will emerge as well !

Factors affecting price: 

There are several factors that can influence the price of IguVerse (IGU) coin, including:

1.Overall cryptocurrency market conditions:  Like most cryptocurrencies, the price of IGU is heavily influenced by the overall state of the cryptocurrency market. If there is a general trend towards bullishness in the market, then this may drive up demand for IGU and push its price higher .

2Adoption and usage:  The more people using Iguana’s DeFi services and holding IGU coins, the more demand there will be for these tokens on exchanges, which could lead to an increase in their value  .

3. Development progress: As new features and projects are developed on top of Iguana’s platform, it may generate excitement among investors who believe that these developments will make IGU more valuable over time .

4. Competition from other DeFi platforms: There are many other DeFi platforms out there competing with Iguana for users’ attention and investment dollars. Any news or updates related to competitors could impact investor sentiment towards IGU .

5.Regulatory changes: Changes in government regulations related to cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology could have either positive or negative effects on investor sentiment towards IGU .

These are just some examples of factors that can influence the price of IguVerse (IGU) coin. It’s important to remember that cryptocurrency prices can be highly volatile due to various external factors beyond anyone’s control so investing in any digital asset carries risk..

Where can I buy IguVerse (IGU)?

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IguVerse (IGU) Baseline Assessment :

The market cap of the IguVerse (IGU) coin is $ 3.174.638 and its circulating supply is 45.197.483 units. Its total supply is 400.000.000 units, with a fully diluted valuation of $ 28.095.704 .

What is the high price point for IguVerse  (IGU)?

IguVerse (IGU) token highest price is $ 0.3532 recorded on Feb 17, 2023. The current price is %-80.08 lower than the all-time high .

What is the low point of the price for IguVerse  (IGU)?

IguVerse (IGU) token’s lowest price was $ 0.0191 on Jun 10 , 2023.

IguVerse (IGU) Technical Outlook:

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The bearish movement that started at $0.4957 on February 17, 2023 seems to have ended at $0.01963. Although the price increased by 1143% from this level to the level of $0.24490 and made its investor happy, we see that it was withdrawn to the level of $0.08 with the intervention of the bears and started to consolidate here. While there is an upward movement of $0.08 , it appears as the region with the highest volume. In the coming days, this level will appear as strong resistance. Although it has been trying to surpass the $0.08 level for a few days , the bears seem to have no intention of letting it happen right now. In the long position, which will be opened with the volume candle close above the 0.08 level, the target can be tried at the previous high of $0.294.

Our support points are $0.04360 and $0.02201, while our resistance points are $0.08 and $0.1598, respectively .

Investment information comments, and recommendations contained herein are not within the scope of investment consultancy . The content, comments, and recommendations herein are not guiding but general . These recommendations may not suit your financial situation and risk and return preferences.  Therefore making an investment decision based solely on the information herein may not yield results that meet your expectations .

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