Founder of Famous Game Studio Electronic Arts Is Making NFT Games

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The crypto world has attracted several video game industry legends, including famed developers like Will Wright and Peter Molyneux, that are now developing NFT-based games, and now there’s another big name on that list: Trip Hawkins, the founder and CEO of video game giant Electronic Arts (EA).

Non-Tokenized Version of Games for a Living’s New Game Released on Steam

Today, it was announced that Hawkins has become a co-founder and chief strategy officer at Games for a Living – an innovative firm building games based on NFTs and blockchain-based tokens. He partnered with Manel Sort to create this startup, the latter being an ex-first vice president of King, Candy Crush Saga’s developer. Fun fact: they had previously worked together in Digital Chocolate, which was Hawkins’ former mobile gaming business.

With great enthusiasm, Hawkins declared in a press announcement that he is positive about blockchain technology and that their vision can together construct a novel gaming paradigm where everyone will benefit. He also shared the idea of improving game performance & value for gamers while keeping it as enjoyable as possible. Games For A Living‘s debut product ‘Elemental Raiders’ has already been launched on Steam without tokenized elements, but with Ethereum NFTs attached to it; furthermore, they plan on unveiling its own GFAL Token along with the “battle pass” in March this year.

Get ready to compete in the official Elemental Raiders tournament coming up in early March! Multiple rewards, such as NFTs and tokens, are available—but note that it is exclusive to the non-Steam version of the game. Additionally, rumors have floated around about a second title called Diamond Dreams, which will be an exciting matching puzzle with NFT technology incorporated into it.

founder of famous game studio electronic arts is making nft games

Electronic Arts Founder Announces Project’s White Paper Contains Interesting Points

A Games for a Living representative informed Decrypt that their GFAL token and most in-game NFTs would be created on BNB Chain. A few select NFTs, including the battle pass mentioned earlier, are produced on Ethereum initially but can later be transformed into an NFT on BNB Chain using their user portal.

The publisher’s whitepaper reveals that, in the future, it will adopt a private blockchain for its games instead of an open and unrestricted system such as Ethereum or Solana. Games for a Living indicates that they’ll create a foundation to keep watch over the blockchain network and set regulations specifically tailored to other developers who can then publish their own NFT-driven games onto the network.

Nonetheless, many crypto builders view private (or permissioned) blockchains as a counter to Web3 ideals since they are not open and public networks that anyone can access. In certain cases, these centralized networks have the potential for gradual decentralization with time so they can be passed over to the community; however, this is never explicitly stated by their publisher’s whitepaper.

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