Colombia Makes A First: A Court Held In The Metaverse

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Even though Mark Zuckerberg‘s virtual reality division is losing money, one nation is finding a use for the technology. One of the first nations in the world to have a court session in Meta’s metaverse was Colombia last week.

Horizon Workrooms, a Meta platform that enables teams to meet through a virtual workplace, was used by lawmakers in the South American country to conduct a two-hour session. To participate, Colombian attorneys donned virtual reality headsets, and the conference was live-streamed on YouTube. Throughout the meeting, attendees were represented by avatars created by computers.

The Virtual Conference was a Success

And the virtual conference participants said that the hearing, in which a complaint attempted to sue the police, was successful. According to Mara Victoria Quiones Triana, judge of the Magdalena court, “the employment of information technology in the evolution of judicial procedures serves the vital objective of facilitating and speeding these processes of executing justice. “

Nevertheless, not everyone who watched the metaverse livestream felt it was a good idea; some said it was absurd to see individuals that resembled cartoons. One observer said, “I feel it takes away from the severity of the issue.” “Is it acceptable if I wish to see myself as a dinosaur character?”

colombia makes a first: a court held in the metaverse

Metaverse Still has Some Issues that should be Addressed

That was the first time that Colombian parliamentarians staged a full virtual hearing, although other countries have used Meta’s technology to hold hearings. Local media claimed that a Chinese court had a virtual conference in September of last year. As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, virtual proceedings and meetings, in general, became the norm in 2020.

Government-imposed lockdowns caused professionals to move to the video conferencing Zoom platform for meetings, which boosted the company’s shares and increased its market valuation. A Texas lawyer who appeared to be unfamiliar with the platform became stranded as a kitten when he was unable to alter a video filter as a result of the recent overreliance on technology.

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