Bitpanda, A Cryptocurrency Investment Platform, To Invest In AI

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Bitpanda, a European platform for investing in cryptocurrencies has decided to put ten million dollars toward the formation of an artificial intelligence research and development team that will work exclusively on the project. 

Bitpanda: AI Is the Next Step for the Company

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda believes that investing in AI is the “natural next step” for the company. The advancement of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and the distribution of investment based services are the primary focuses of the platform . 

By using blockchain technology fintech startups like Bitpanda have made investment options that were previously only accessible to the rich more accessible to the general public. Bitpanda’s founder Eric Demuth believes that artificial intelligence will shake up the financial services business . 

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Bitpanda recently made public their plans to launch a new suite of products, which will include tools that will allow users to personalize their investment strategies and watch the market in real time . The company plans to make extensive use of AI in all of this . 

The Bond Between AI and Cryptocurrencies Is Strengthening

Open AI’s Chief Executive Officer Sam Altman has a fundraising goal of one hundred million dollars for his Worldcoin cryptocurrency enterprise . When it first launches the wallet will have support for both the World Coin and Ethereum ecosystems . The application for the mobile wallet is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store . There are already more than eighty countries that may use World Coin . 

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world Binance launched its new Sensei conversation bot in April using the artificial intelligence technology provided by ChatGPT . 

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