An Analysis: Is Liquid Piston a Good Investment?

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Liquid Piston is a company that has developed innovative engine technology with potential applications too in numerous different sectors . Their engine design offers improvements in terms of compactness, horsepower and fuel efficiency . While they have received funding and recognition for their technology there are certain concerns and challenges that need to be taken into account when considering Liquid Piston as an investment opportunity . You might be asking to yourself is Liquid Piston a good investment? Let’s delve into the answer . 

Technological Advancements and Potential Applications

Liquid Piston’s engine technology particularly the High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC) offers higher fuel efficiency when compared to traditional engine cycles . The ability to better the engine for different fuels makes it a charming option for various industries including the military. Liquid Piston has secured contracts with the Department of Defense (DoD) for applications such as hybrid-electrifying drones and streamlining power supply chains. The multi-fuel capability of their engines including the use of greener fuels like hydrogen puts Liquid Piston in the position for potential growth in both military and consumer markets.

an analysis is liquid piston a good investment

Challenges and Concerns

One concern regarding Liquid Piston is their track record of declining profits and the significant time it has taken them to bring a market-ready product. Even after nearly 20 years in operation they have struggled to commercialize their engine technology and their revenue has been largely driven by research contracts and consulting. The shift toward electric vehicles in the automotive industry and the declining demand for combustion engines raise concerns about the future market potential for Liquid Piston’s technology.

Financial Outlook

Liquid Piston has used crowdfunding and government research grants in order to raise funds . They have suffered a sizable debt and have only been profitable for one year. While they have made advancements in their engine development the road to success and profitability is not clearly defined . It is essential to evaluate their financial stability and ability to create sustainable revenue in the long term before making the decision.

Future Plans and Expansion

Liquid Piston has outlined their plans to focus on fulfilling commitments to the Army and Air Force in 2023 and they aim to compete for upcoming product opportunities and engage with industrial companies and military integrators for partnerships. They also want to secure additional funding through their Reg A+ campaign in order to support their industrialization and commercialization efforts

Investing in Liquid Piston involves weighing the potential of their innovative engine technology against the numerous challenges they face such as a prolonged time to market, a shifting industry landscape and financial stability . While their technology has gained attention and secured government contracts it is crucial to carefully evaluate their ability to successfully commercialize their products and generate sustainable revenue. Thorough research, due carefulness and closely observing their progress will be fundamental for making an informed investment decision.

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