American First Finance: Was It Under An Interest Lawsuit?

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American First Finance is a market leader in consumer financial technology, offering alternatives to conventional retail lending services. American First Finance (AFF) is a point-of-sale payments platform targeted at credit-constrained individuals.

American First Finance developed a consumer finance platform to give alternative retail loans and design solutions for both enterprises and people. The company’s point-of-sale payments platform employs a patented underwriting system that provides consumer credit, lending, retail installment, lease purchase agreement, and eCommerce solutions, allowing each customer to get an offer personalized precisely to their creditworthiness in minutes.

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Possible Lawsuits Regarding High-Interest Rates

Green & Noblin and the Law Office of A.L. Hinton worked together to investigate allegations by California clients versus creditor American First Finance for imposing high-interest rates and not disclosing financing conditions at the time of sale. These actions can cause lawsuits to be filed.

American First Finance offers retail retailers loans for consumers with low credit ratings or poor credit history. Early payout incentives, such as “90 Days Same As Cash” or “Early Payoff Discount,” have been offered by American First Finance.

You can Defend Yourself Against American First Finance

American First Finance provides financing for a wide range of retail items, including jewelry, appliances, furniture, tires, and so on, as well as retail services such as vehicle repair, veterinary services, dental and eye care, and so on. These services, however, seem like they are being offered with high-interest rates and therefore are prone to lawsuits.

Some individuals are looking into complaints that American First Finance is improperly making loans to California residents or charging high-interest rates. You might be eligible for relief if your consumer purchase was funded by American First Finance. You can always speak with a consumer lawyer to protect your rights and file a lawsuit.

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