Amazon Pays More Attention to AI, Hires New AI Engineers

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Amazon is currently working on a new “search” feature for their online web shop that will use an interface like ChatGPT.

The Job Offers Nearly Quarter Million Per Year

The job listing which was initially discovered by Bloomberg, provides a clear glimpse into Amazon’s future goals. This is what the “Senior Technical Program Manager” advertisement promises in its requirements section:

“In order to rethink and reimagine the search process at scale and using cutting-edge machine learning methods we have begun work on an AI-first effort” 

The salary range for this job is between $119,000 and $231,400 per year and it requires at least seven years of experience working directly with engineering teams .

The Sr. Director of Engineering (SDE) in Machine Learning role has an annual salary range of $134,500 to $261,500.

Amazon declared: “We’re revamping Amazon Search to be more conversational so you can quickly discover what you’re looking for, make informed purchasing decisions based on detailed product information  and more.”

Based on these comments, it’s safe to assume that Amazon’s search interface will undergo major revisions.

amazon pays more attention to ai hires new ai engineers

Amazon Invests Heavily on AI

The business just released the “Bedrock” AI foundational models . Bedrock was conceived as a no-service artificial intelligence service that empowers users to construct their own ChatGPT-like models. Amazon also introduced a chatbot service named Titan alongside Bedrock . Companies all across the world have ramped up their AI initiatives since March, when OpenAI released ChatGPT.

Artificial intelligence’s widespread use may be attributed to its speed and accuracy when processing large datasets and drawing inferences or making judgments . It may be used to streamline processes across many sectors by automating routine procedures and providing answers to difficult situations . Smart gadgets, customized suggestions and digital helpers are just some of the ways in which AI might improve our lives . Its rising popularity may be attributed to the hopes that it would increase efficiency, open up new opportunities and make people’s lives easier and more interconnected.

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