A Heights Finance Lawsuit Was Concluded With A $300,000 Award

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Heights Finance is a renowned consumer finance firm that offers appealing, simple-to-understand installment loans and related insurance products to individuals who have limited access to credit through banks and credit card companies. Heights Finance, which was founded in 1953, has over 1,300 workers and 400 branch sites in the southern and mid-western United States.

Installment loan and associated product provider Heights Finance focuses primarily on clients with restricted credit access from banks and credit card firms. Personal installment loans with set monthly payments are available to match the client’s budget, as are debt consolidation, refinancing, and credit insurance services.

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The Lawsuit Concluded with an Award of $300,000

On August 7, 2019, the Evensens were awarded $300,000 in punitive damages and $19,000 in real damages by a jury against Heights Finance. Moreover, the lien on the automobile was waived, and the Evensens were repaid all past payments, totaling $11,000 more.

The automobile they had was acquired with a loan in December of 2013, and the Evensens had been making monthly payments for almost a year. Sadly, they ran into financial difficulties, and by April 2015, they had missed their first payment. Heights Finance was approached by the Evensens to set up online payments.

Heights Finance opted to confiscate the Evensens’ automobile and remove their 2012 Palomino Puma Series Motorhome, which was used as security because they were dissatisfied with the pace of the car payments. The firm’s authorities took the Motorhome, but their property was also trespassed on.

Heights Finance Lawsuit Proved Something

Heights Finance, with a net worth of approximately $2 billion, recruited Husch/Blackwell, a well-known law company with a roster full of experienced lawyers, a few of whom have even tried before the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Heights Finance, with their legal team, sought to bury the lawsuit under a never-ending sequence of motions before it could ever blossom.

Heights Finance‘s request to dismiss was finally denied, and the matter went to trial. The jury condemned the act of trespassing, and the Evensens were vindicated after only two hours of deliberation. In the grand scheme of things, Lein views the verdict as something more.

“Two things frequently prevent people from consulting a lawyer,” Lein explained. “One is humiliation, and two, they are unaware of their legal rights. If you fall behind on your payments and lose your automobile, you still deserve to be treated with dignity during the repossession process. Creditors must treat you with decency; if they do not, there are others who can assist you.”

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