5 Prestigious Banks That Are Investing In Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrencies

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In this post, we will highlight the top banks that have invested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Anybody interested in investing should pursue their own free financial or expert agenda. Please undertake your own research together with financial experts before deciding on any investments.

Bitcoin, as well as other digital currencies, have undeniably had an impact since they permit the most faultless peer-to-peer money transactions by eliminating the need for middlemen. In a rapidly changing digital world, banks are adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to boost productivity, save costs, improve safety and openness, and meet the changing requirements of their customers. Following are the top five banks that have made investments in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency:

5 prestigious banks that are investing in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies 2
5 prestigious banks that are investing in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies 63

Standard Chartered has Invested $380 Million

Based on well-known trade specialists such as Blockdata, the London-based bank Standard Chartered has invested a whopping $380 million in cryptocurrencies as the firm furthers its investments in blockchain technology.

Morgan Stanley has Made a Commitment of $234 Million

With a big estimated commitment of $234 million, Morgan Stanley is another of the big institutions that have made large cryptocurrency investments.

Citigroup Launched Citicoin in 2015 and Continues to Invest Further

Since the bank launched its digital currency Citicoin in 2015, Citigroup has been investigating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology extensively.

JPMorgan Chase is Very Much Interested in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Field

JPMorgan Chase ranks as one of the most active organizations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. JPM Coin, the bank’s cryptocurrency, was launched in 2019 to facilitate quick transactions between institutional clients.

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