10 Altcoins of BNB Grew Nearly Threefold in Just a Month

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Market valuation for altcoins from Binance blockchain-based projects totals $207.9 billion as it races with its competitors. Lately the altcoins of Binance made an enormous rise, up to 239%, in their endeavours. This competition by Binance seems promising for the investors, as BNB rises among the market.


BNB Network A Sharp Competitor to Ethereum Network

 The Ethereum network, which is favored by cryptocurrency project developers, also demonstrates its dominance when it comes to investor demand for tokens from blockchain projects, making it the leading platform for smart contracts. However, there are other living cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin and Ethereum, since 72% of monthly active developers operate outside of these ecosystems, according to a survey just published by venture capital company Electric Capital.

One of these “Ethereum rivals” is the layer one blockchain of the Binance ecosystem, the BNB Chain, which moved just over $207.9 billion as of February 9th. Many of the most well-known altcoins have seen gains of three-digit percentages in value over the past month, despite the fact that some tokens are not native to the network but rather belong to projects that are somehow connected to the BNB Chain.

bnb network a sharp competitor to ethereum network

The Leading Altcoin, FLOKI

Disregarding GNY, which came in first with a gain of 1,476% in 30 days but had multiple straight lines with significant amplitude fluctuations in brief time intervals, the memecoin FLOKI, which was traded for US$ 0.000027 (-6.25%) and saw a monthly gain of 239%, took the first position among the rising BNB altcoins. The combined nature of FLOKI—which also made an appearance in the Top 10 P2E cryptocurrencies and had a rise of up to 594%—means that it has a great potential on the networks.

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