Valley Direct Bank Reviews: Trusted and Reliable Bank with $30 Billion in Assets and Nationwide Presence

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Valley Direct is a highly trusted and reliable bank with a long-standing presence in the industry since its foundation in 1927. With over $30 billion in assets and a network of more than 200 locations across the country Valley Direct has established itself as a reputable financial institution. They prioritize empowering their clients and maintain transparent communication to ensure you understand the products and services they offer . In this Valley Direct Bank review we will focus on Valley Direct’s Online Savings account.

How to Earn the Valley Direct Rate

In order to earn the competitive rate offered by Valley Direct you can follow these simple steps:

Open a new account with Valley Direct.

Provide the required personal information during the account opening process.

Transfer your funds from another bank account to your Valley Direct account.

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Multiple Deposit Options

Valley Direct offers multiple convenient ways to deposit money into your account. Here’s six of them. 

You can deposit funds by linking an existing U.S. bank account during the initial account opening (you will need the username and password of that account).

Start an inward transfer from another bank using the Valley mobile app or personal online banking on your PC .

Transfer money from one bank to another with a wire transfer or from one Valley Bank account to another.

Transact with people directly via Zelle and make sure your Valley Direct account is established as the primary account for transactions.

Use the Valley banking app for mobile to deposit checks.

Create a direct transfer for your paycheck, pension or any other government payments (like Social Security) .

Account Perks and Bonus

With Valley Direct you can take advantage of a great Annual Percentage Yield (APY) rate when you create a new online savings account. There are a few prerequisites to meet before collecting your bonus and the account offers enticing benefits . The account is an appealing option for anyone looking to optimize their savings potential because of these advantages. If the given rate falls short of your expectations you could think about researching rates provided by other institutions .

Valley Direct provides a trusted banking experience, competitive rates and a range of account benefits . As you explore your options remember to consider the rates and offerings of other banks to ensure you make an informed decision.

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