TradeStation Global: A Comprehensive 2023 Review

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Finding a good trading platform for you to trade comfortably is one of the biggest things you can do as a trader for yourself. Yet, with many options around you, it might be one of the hardest decisions that you might make. Well, maybe not the hardest, but you got my point. Here we’ll try to give you a bright idea: TradeStation Global. We’ll talk about its features, pros, and some potential drawbacks that should be considered. 

TradeStation Global: The Groovy Trading Playground of 2023!

TradeStation has been one of the go-to brokers of the younger generation since it decided to eliminate its platform fees and minimum requirements. Their users were used to how you imagined a meeting room of a brokerage company, full of rich men wearing suits. Since they introduced crypto, integrated with TradingView, and started their educational platform, they started reaching more people. 

TradeStation allows people to access their services from various devices. This also increases the user base. Additionally, they can trade equities, ETFs, cryptos, options, futures… The list is a little bit long. Its robust and fully customizable platform is ideal for active, technical traders that seek over-the-top charting, testing, and automation capabilities. Yet, the platform offers an excellent educational platform so newer people can also enjoy what they offer. 

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Let’s Delve into the Depths of Its Benefits:

TradeStation has a pro-level trading platform that is fast and reliable. It offers sophisticated charting, analysis, order entry, and strategy development tools. Another nice thing about this platform is the commission-free stock and ETF trades—their other fees when trading options, futures, and cryptos are also competitive. 

The one-click and drag-and-drop trading interface is what I like the most about this platform. It makes trading so easy that you wouldn’t believe. There is a vast range of easy-to-understand interfaces like Chart Trading, Matrix, and Quick Trade. Plus, TradeStation offers dynamic symbol sorting and scanning tools. You can quickly scan thousands of symbols based on various technical and fundamental indicators. The simulated trading environment is also a big plus for me. It lets you test strategies, and ideas, build your skills up, and execute demo traders where you can safely do all of those without spending your own money.

Yet, The Platform Is Far Away from Being Perfect:

Unfortunately, it took me some time to get acquainted with all of the diverse features that the platform offers. I felt like I am not maximizing the potential that this platform has… While it is sophisticated and easy to use, the interface can be intimidating for newer users. Fortunately, you can get used to it so quickly. Remember that I said the platform has a huge user count? Yeah, you can feel it when waiting in line to get an answer from customer service. They are helpful and kind, but especially during trade hours, you might have to wait a little bit to reach customer service.

So, Should You Try TradeStation Global?

We cannot decide for you but if I was an active trader who are looking for a platform that offers commission-free trading, access to cryptos, a robust educational platform to hone my skills, an extensive tools to use when helping my trading, I would choose TradeStation. Its growing popularity and high-tech approach to trading makes are huge proofs that its beauty.

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