Silvergate Is Shutting Down: It Lost $8 Billion

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Silvergate Bank has shut down its SEN platform, which organizations use to transfer funds to cryptocurrency exchanges, with a warning that it might not endure this week.

As its primary business block crumbled under the collapse of the sector in the last months of 2022, Silvergate Bank lost more over $8 billion in deposits from crypto customers, precisely as the bank’s regulators had anticipated may happen for such institutions. La Jolla, a lending platform established in California, has a number of worries, including the unexpected disappearance of the majority of its deposit base. US financial watchdogs put pressure on the corporation by urging banks not to focus on cryptocurrencies. The US Department of Justice and authorities launched inquiries after their disclosure this week, and it was suggested that continued examinations would need restatement.

silvergate is shutting down: it lost $8 billion 2

Silvergate has Too Much to Worry About

In addition to all of this, a CoinDesk study of the bank’s financial records over the previous several years shows that one-off crypto powers are beginning to drag the bank down. The majority of the raw data Silvergate has compiled over the years indicates that an institution may have reached its pinnacle in 2021, long before the dramas of 2022 shook the crypto market. For instance, the volume of transfers on the Silvergate Exchange Network reached its high in the first half of 2021 before dropping to $230 billion in the second period of 2022.

At $16 billion in total assets, the bank’s total asset level likewise peaked in the final quarter of 2021. According to the most current data, it is $11.4 billion. Notwithstanding the cryptocurrency asset industry’s stellar image as a key component of the US banking sector, even the peak of its assets defines a relatively tiny bank. According to state banking statistics, the somewhat bigger Farmers and Merchants Bank of Long Beach would be close to its size in California.

The Capital Problems of Silvergate

Yet the fundamental measure of their capital is one of the key distinctions between Silvergate and the more established Long Beach community bank. The leverage ratio for the crypto bank revealed that it only had 5.4 percent of capital against its entire assets as it swiftly slid toward the fourth quarter of 2022. In the same quarter, the second bank recorded a rate of 10.9 percent. According to US bank equity regulations, 5 percent is the precipice, and once it is crossed, the bank enters the regulators’ emergency reaction zone.

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