School Choice Matters: How Finance Students’ Alma Mater Impacts Their Future Salaries

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A nonprofit research organization the Burning Glass Institute did a study to uncover the influence of a student’s choice of college on their future finance career and earnings potential . The results highlight significant differences in salaries based on where a finance student graduates from . In this article we present you with a list of top colleges for high paying jobs in finance.

The Power of Prestige

According to data published by The Wall Street Journal graduates with a finance degree from prestigious private institutions can earn a significant salary premium compared to the median Bachelor of Arts graduate . Remarkably an MIT graduate can earn nearly $50,000 more which is equivalent to a significant annual salary . Similarly graduates from the University of Chicago outperform their peers with a $31,833 premium and surpass the University of Virginia’s $19,676 average premium .

school choice matters how finance students alma mater impacts their future salaries 2
school choice matters: how finance students' alma mater impacts their future salaries 63

Ivy League Dominance and Regional Impact

Among the top private colleges Ivy League institutions secure five out of the ten spots showing their dominance in finance education . Notably New York boasts several featured schools including Columbia University, Binghamton University, CUNY Bernard M Baruch College, Stony Brook University and SUNY at Albany . Middlebury College stands out as the only private school on the list .

Here is a shortened version of the top 10 private and public colleges based on the report:

Top 10 Private Colleges:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: $48,051 premium salary

Harvard University: $39,879 premium salary

Princeton University: $39,094 premium salary

University of Pennsylvania: $39,092 premium salary

Dartmouth College: $37,768 premium salary

Yale University: $34,148 premium salary

Columbia University in the City of New York: $33,354 premium salary

Duke University: $32,568 premium salary

Middlebury College: $32,326 premium salary

University of Chicago: $31,833 premium salary

Top 10 Public Colleges:

University of Virginia – Main Campus: $19,676 premium salary

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor: $18,818 premium salary

Binghamton University: $18,268 premium salary

University of California – Berkeley: $18,040 premium salary

William and Mary: $15,559 premium salary

CUNY Bernard M Baruch College: $14,416 premium salary

Rutgers University-New Brunswick: $14,386 premium salary

Stony Brook University: $11,414 premium salary

University of California – Los Angeles: $10,653 premium salary

SUNY at Albany: $10,479 premium salary

In conclusion the choice of college significantly impacts the future earning potential of finance graduates . The study points out the advantage of attending prestigious private institutions and sheds light on the regional impact with New York standing out as a hub for finance education . As students navigate their educational paths considering the potential long term financial benefits of their school choice becomes crucial in the pursuit of a successful finance career .

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