Elon Musk Attracts The Attention Of DOGE And XRP

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Elon Musk, a Dogecoin supporter who has lately been under fire for his acquisition of Twitter, has tweeted many memes that have caught the attention of several significant accounts from the DOGE and XRP armies. Musk’s first meme depicts the process of activating an Android with a cartridge that reads, “Elon Musk is the enemy.” The second meme, which sparked outrage in the crypto community, depicts Sponge Bob with the caption, “Me turning up late to work, knowing the firm doesn’t have enough competent workers to fire me.”

@dogeofficialceo, a major DOGE-themed account, reacted with a “rofl” emoji and a meme with the text: “Elon Musk shows up to work after tweeting about Dogecoin, knowing they can’t fire him.” @XRPcryptowolf, a prominent XRP community member, humorously reminded the Twitter CEO that “Ripple is still recruiting even in a bear market.”

Elon Musk Plans to Compete with OpenAI

Elon Musk, the biggest and most influential DOGE advocate, tweeted over the weekend that he used to be interested in crypto but is now interested in AI. This sparked a flood of responses from cryptocurrency supporters, who queried, “why not both?” or remarked that they were interested in Bitcoin and are still interested in Bitcoin

The tweet appears to be a continuation of Musk’s tweets in which he blasted ChatGPT, calling it “woke AI” and condemning its manufacturer, OpenAI, for forcing its AI product to send consumers messages with fake information for fear of offending them. Elon Musk is reportedly aiming to launch a firm to compete with OpenAI.

elon musk attracts the attention of doge and xrp2

Elon Musk’s Support for DOGE seems to Rise

Elon Musk‘s support for DOGE (he owns Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, according to one of his tweets) appears to be too large and long-standing for Musk to abandon crypto entirely. Furthermore, he has put DOGE as a payment option on Tesla and SpaceX souvenir web stores, and Tesla attempted to take Bitcoin — even purchasing a large amount of it — for its e-cars. After all, as the cryptocurrency community pointed out, “why not both?” Elon Musk already runs multiple profitable businesses, so he can easily maintain both crypto and AI in his active interests.

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